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  1. Always Understood

From the recording Always Understood

One of my older songs -- this was originally released on the old Foster & Bartus FEED THE FIRE record from 1984. Re-recorded and updated for the Keys Disease CD.


Always Understood
Words & Music by John Bartus

Stars shine as dawn begins to break
How can I capture the sun?
Whispers of time's deserted trail
The winds of tomorrow have begun
Footprints of one beside the shore
Thoughts of another still the sea
But oceans have their ways of breaking through
And I hear the music call to me

Chorus: Let me ride until I see the stars
Far beyond the charcoal yesterdays
If our lives were one, let me touch the sun, let me rise

Distance the miles that stand between
Now and forever cannot win
Or are we destined to retreat
Never to dare the dream again
Meanwhile I hear the sound of strings
Raising voices from the wood
Starlight for a time may have to wait
But then, that was always understood

Repeat Chorus