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  1. Keys Disease

From the recording Keys Disease

A semi-true story about an attorney friend who left it all behind when he hit the Keys.


Keys Disease
Words by John Bartus, Burt Marshall, & Marlene Daley
Music by John Bartus

Woke up at the crack of noon / I've got so much to do today
Head down to the tiki bar / Just to watch the tourists play
I'm living just south of reality / At mile marker 49
Some folks say that I'm wasting my life / But I say I'm doing just fine

Chorus: You see, I've got the Keys disease / In case you haven't heard
I caught it down in the Florida Keys / Where ma? is the operative word
There's no cure for the Keys disease / No mainland antidote
I'll never leave my island life / At the end of the American road

I once was a lawyer, long time ago / Before I lost my suit and tie
Traded my car for a beat-up bike / Kissed my old life goodbye
I've slept on the beach beneath the moon and stars / Slept under a bridge or two
It's not because I didn't have a place to stay / It's just 'cause I wanted to

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Now, you may wonder why a man like me / Would leave his old life behind
No phone or beeper's gonna be my keeper / I'm living on tropical time

Sunset time in the Florida Keys / So many things to do
Hit the sunset party down at Mallory Docks / Have a rum runner or two
The pirates of today are the ones like me / Living life the way we please
I know for sure that there ain't no cure / Once you've got the Keys disease

Repeat Chorus