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  1. Lucky Man Again

From the recording Lucky Man Again

Just another love song...


Lucky Man Again
Words & Music by John Bartus

Searching for a lifetime / Adrift on a lonely sea
Waiting for a lifeline / But love wouldn't rescue me
Just when I had lost all hope / You found me and took me in
And lately, I'm a lucky man again

I doubted when you told me / That I was the one for you
But these days, when you hold me / I feel every word come true
The nights glow like sunshine / And I pray that they'll never end
'Cause with your love, I'm a lucky man again

Bridge: Through so many years and so many tears the loneliness inside
I just kept hiding
And right through it all, though darkness would fall and close my soul to love
You kept on trying
And I could never hurt you / I know I don't deserve you
But I could never live without your love

I know there's a reason / That you are all I know
Together, through the seasons / What we have will always grow
I look toward tomorrow / And our love will never end
'Cause by your side, I'm a lucky man again
Yes, with your love, I'm a lucky man again