From the recording Nothing I Wouldn't Do

A love song...


Nothing I Wouldn't Do
Words & Music by John Bartus

I know what you're feeling / Baby, I feel it, too
The love that we share / Is an answer to prayers
That were made long before I met you
I remember the day I first met you / The moment your eyes first met mine
I wasn't sure / 'Cause I'd been burned before
Still, I hoped that you'd give me a sign
I've never been in love this deep before
But I'll take all you give me and still beg for more

Chorus: I'd walk through fire for you / Save all my desire for you
Stay through the night with you / I'll make it right for you
When it comes to you. . .there's nothing I wouldn't do

Together, we've built us a life, now / With a lifetime still yet to come
The dream still comes true / When I'm holding you
Together in our happy home
So tell me that you'll always love me / I'll tell you that I love you more
When it's all said and done / You'll still be the one
I'm in love with forevermore
Through countless tomorrows our love's meant to last
I look forward to memories from days still to pass

Repeat Chorus
Harmonica Solo, Guitar Solo
Repeat Chorus