From the recording Palm Trees in Paradise

As crazy as it gets sometimes, there ain't nothin' that compares with living in the Keys. Yeah, things have changed. We're not as "isolated" as we were before. We've been "discovered." There's still no place I'd rather be!


Palm Trees In Paradise '02
Words & Music by John Bartus

I was smoking a stogie shipwrecked by design
Trying to remember the way things were
Things have changed, you just can't argue with that
For better or worse, I'm just not sure
We're just not as outlaw, not quite as unique
But it's really not as bad as it seems. . .

Chorus: Palm Trees in Paradise / Tropical drinks, and big mosquitos
You take the bad 'cause you love the nice / Living here in the Keys

We got people in the islands trying to save everything
Some hate the tourists, others make stupid rules
Constantly complaining about any old thing
You'd think they'd find something better to do
When all their whining starts getting me down
I remember the reason I'm here. . .(It's all about. . .)

Chorus: Palm Trees in Paradise / Key lime pie, and hurricane season
A sultry mixture of nasty and nice / Living here in the Keys

Bridge: Gone are the days when the smugglers and cops
Would sit in the same bars, toasting their life in the Keys
But when I start to thinking it was better back then
I just sit right back, take another sip, and watch the palms sway in the breeze


It's slow here in the islands this time of year
Time to reflect on why I came down
Hard to believe, but it's been over ten years
This little rock has been my hometown
So I smile, and put out my cigar
There's nowhere else I'd rather be. . .(Than watching those. . .)

Repeat Chorus 1, 2, then: Living here, (living here), Living here, (I live right here),
Living here, (living here), living here. . .in the Keys