From the recording The Way It's Meant To Be

Inspired by a "true" story on Miami's Channel 7 News.


The Way It's Meant To Be
Words & Music by John Bartus

She takes off her clothes in the Southernmost city
Body so hard and a face so pretty
Gets right down to the nitty-gritty, all eyes on her
Men from all walks and different places
The exact same look on all their faces
Ignoring all their eye embraces, she sings this to herself

Chorus: The stars will shine their silken light on those who are entwined
Two in one, forever flying free
Love will start a fire inside the hearts of those who share
A golden dream, the way it's meant to be

She doesn't think about the guys
That follow her with gaping sighs
And G-string cash against her thighs, 'cause nothing comes for free
She thinks about her man at home
Waiting for her all alone
Into his arms, she will have flown by half-past three

Repeat Chorus

Another day, another night
Another dance in the cold spotlight
A different kind of socialite than Mother had in mind
But it's a life, and it's a living
Nothing needs to be forgiven
And the man with whom she's living takes her home tonight

Repeat Chorus