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  1. Velvet Elvis

From the recording Velvet Elvis

Driving back to the Keys from a Tom Petty concert, we stopped into this little donut shop in Homestead (since wiped out by Hurricane Andrew). Everyone in there was smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and looking as if they were waiting to die. Ths became the Black Lung Cafe. There was a blank space on one wall where we theorized was the place the Elvis-on-velvet painting used to hang. The story moves on from there.


Velvet Elvis
Words and Music by John Bartus
Words by Marlene Daley

I had a vision while eating doughnuts
And drinking coffee at the Black Lung Caf?A perfect vision,the power and glory
The King appeared, said he'd show me the way
I saw him clearly up on the wall there
A ray of light shone so sweet on his face
A night of drinking put all behind me
I know I've gotta just get out of this place

Chorus: I'm heading south to get a Velvet Elvis
No one can help me now except for the King
I know I gotta find a Velvet Elvis
The doors will open and the church bells will ring
I just can't live without a Velvet Elvis
Velvet Elvis end my suffering
I know I gotta find my Velvet Elvis
It's like salvation if you just hear him sing

Blue light special out on the highway
Dead black cat on the side of the road
They won't keep me