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  1. You & I

From the recording You & I

A love song from long ago... I didn't get the girl, but I got the song!


You & I
Words & Music by John Bartus

Here we are - searching far beneath the surface for the love we've come to share
Love so rare must have a chance to grow
I don't want to live without you, I could never let you go
When I hear your heart beat in the night
I know this is so right
I need you more than words can say, forever by my side. . .

Chorus: I'm so alive when we're together
I somehow know everything will turn out right
And I never want to lose that feeling
As time goes by and by
A chance to find forever, you and I

When we walked beside the sea
Hand in hand, the moonlight dancing through the night we fell in love
I saw love reflected in your eyes
Two burning hearts, one glowing dream beneath the starry skies
Please believe that I will always care
I'll love you anywhere
To hold you tight all through the night
You know I'm always there

Repeat Chorus
Guitar Solo
Repeat Chorus